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Fort Myers Activities for Social Distancing

Whether it’s the white sand, blue waves, or endless sunshine that call travelers to Fort Myers Beach, Florida, it’s proven time and again to be an exciting and welcoming vacation destination. While trips this way in the past may have put visitors in the center of vibrant crowds, travel to Fort Myers Beach in 2020 is bound to look a little different. In the age of social distancing, Fort Myers Beach still offers up plenty in the way of fun. While it might take a more mindful effort to put together the itinerary, the following Fort Myers activities should definitely be added when social distancing is top of mind.

Explore on Two Wheels

A fantastic way to explore Estero Island without having to find yourself in the midst of a crowd is to rent a bike and explore on two wheels. The scenery promises to be sensational and spending the day peddling through the landscape comes with the added bonus of being great for your health. Stop by Quicky Scooters & Bikes at 1149 Estero Boulevard and rent a bike for the day or a couple of days depending on how long you have to spare.

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Rent a Boat

Getting out on the water is another one of the wonderful activities in Fort Myers to make the most of the scenery without risking close encounters with others. Consider stopping by the Pink Shell Beach Resort and Marina at 275 Estero Boulevard and renting a Pontoon for the day. The team at Holiday Adventure Tours and Boat Rentals will be on hand to help you select just the right vessel for your day on the waves.

Find Time in the Sand

Taking time to work on a golden tan from the comfort of the sand is often a highlight for most visitors making their way to Fort Myers Beach. When adhering to social distancing guidelines, a day under the sun is still possible as long as the right amount of space is recognized, and there are still plenty of Fort Myers activities to enjoy while there. Consider packing up your beach chair and making your way to the shoreline, but just make sure to keep six feet apart before you settle in. There’s no reason not to enjoy the waves, sun, and options for swimming, all within the confines of well-thought-out personal space.

Enjoy These Activities in Fort Myers Beach

Making your way to Fort Myers Beach is an exciting time and the team at Luxury Vacation Rentals is here to make sure you’re situated in a home away from home that fits your travel style; our rentals with game rooms are particularly popular! Contact us today to learn more and to start planning your trip.