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Learn All About Fort Myers History

When you visit a new location, you get the opportunity to learn all about the place. While visiting the famous tourist attractions, you can understand Fort Myer’s history, culture, lifestyle, and popularity. By exploring attractions like museums, city parks, historic monuments, and famous buildings, you can get a clear picture of the past and the present. Though a vacation is all about fun and enjoyment, it is also about expanding your horizons and learning new things. It forces you to look beyond the boundaries of your own town or city while understanding the real potential of all places far and wide. It is also a great way to improve our knowledge in a practical manner. Every vacation spot, no matter how small or large, has a rich history to its credit. There are some unique aspects that define the overall ambiance of the place. You can recognize some distinguishing features and key highlights that define the destination.

If you are looking for a beach destination for a relaxing and quiet time with family and friends, you can consider Fort Myers Beach. Away from the crowds and chaos, Fort Myers Beach offers a peaceful experience with a long and beautiful coastline. It is known for its pristine white beaches and picturesque sunrises and sunsets. Besides admiring the beautiful beach and its waves, you can also participate in activities like surfing, kayaking, paddle boating, cruise touring, hiking, fishing, photography, and much more. Fort Myers Beach is one of the popular spots in southwestern Florida with plenty of tourist attractions in and around the area.

Fort Myers History

The town of Fort Myers was built around 1821. It served as one of the bases during the Seminole Indian Wars. Built along the Caloosahatchee River, it was named in honor of Colonel Abraham C. Myers. The town saw several ups and downs while it was abandoned after the war. When it was fully formed in 1876, it housed a tiny population of not more than ten families. It finally turned into the second largest town on Florida’s Gulf Coast in 1885. During this period, the population rose to a modest figure of 349. One of the first famous figures who arrived and made a home in Fort Myers was the famous scientist Thomas Alva Edison. When he cruised along the Florida coast, he liked this quiet and beautiful town. He built his home and laboratory, known as Seminole Lodge, on the banks of the river. His arrival paved way for the progress and development of Fort Myers.

After Edison, the next prominent figure who arrived in Fort Myers was Henry Ford. When he visited his friend Edison in Fort Myers, he liked the peaceful beach destination. Due to the encouragement of his dear friend Edison, Ford had started to build his first gasoline-driven automobile. After Henry Ford turned successful with his invention of Ford automobiles, he built his own place next to Edison’s house. He also started the first Ford car dealership in Fort Myers in 1914.

Fort Myers encountered several devasting events due to severe hurricanes and the economic Great Depression. It has revived and preserved several historic buildings since World War II and continues to preserve the legacy.

Learn, explore, and understand the rich Fort Myers history during your next trip to town. You can find perfect accommodations with us at Luxury Vacation Rentals of Fort Myers Beach. We have spacious vacation rental homes with all the amenities. Contact us at the earliest for a memorable vacation experience.