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JetBlue Park

Fort Myers has long held a special place in the hearts of travelers that take time on the beach seriously. This captivating, scenic and laid-back city on Florida’s coast has a way with inviting moments that welcome guests to come to make the most of nature, time spent on the water as well as options to shop and dine in style. Wonderfully, Fort Myers is also a place filled with as opportunities to savor those moments taking it in and relishing doing absolutely nothing at all when you’re in need of destressing. While the relaxing, unwinding and enjoying the view are sure to please, Fort Myers is also an important place amongst travelers with a heart for baseball. Whether you’re a super fan or find observing games fascinating, a trip to JetBlue Park will be well worth your time when you’re in town.

The Best of Baseball in Fort Myers

JetBlue Park, officially known as JetBlue Park at Fenway South, is the official spring training center for the infamous Boston Red Sox and sits just on the outskirts of the city. It’s sprawling dimensions and pro-league status have helped JetBlue Park at Fenway South stand out as one of the premier training centers in the entire state of Florida. Many would say it provides a healthy dose of competition for equally impressive training facilities that are primarily located in Arizona. It is often noted that JetBlue Park at Fenway South comes with the dimensions and aesthetic of Fenway, but was designed to incorporate a wonderful Florida feeling and vibe that’s hard to beat.

A Unique Aesthetic at JetBlue Park

JetBlue Park in Fort Myers constitutes 106 acres of land in Lee County and enjoys easy interstate 75 access as well as room for future development which often excites fans. The exterior of the main complex that crowns this ballpark features ultra-modern architecture that includes a collection of stunning roof canopies that tower above the ground and are often a highlight to observe. While the dimensions of the field itself were designed to mimic Fenway Park, the Green Monster at JetBlue Park is proud to feature a frame that’s six feet taller than the original. Seating at JetBlue Park is often described as better than at Fenway thanks to the omission of view-blocking poles and pillars at this facility, making it easier to enjoy a game. JetBlue Park also hosts a vast souvenir and apparel shop, perfect for fans looking to pick up just the right momento. Whether you’re looking to tour the facility or simply take in a game, a trip to JetBlue Park in Fort Myers is a great way to top off a trip to Fort Myers.

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