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Manatee Park

Finding your way to Florida in the name of an amazing vacation is always a thrilling adventure, especially if you have your sights set on the exciting destination of Fort Myers. This sun-filled locale is brimming over with options to enjoy a getaway through restaurant stops, shopping, sightseeing and ample time spent at the beach. For those travelers to Fort Myers that can’t wait to experience encounters with some of the amazing wildlife that calls this area home, a trip to Manatee Park is definitely in order.

Where Fun, Education and Conservation Collide

Manatee Park is located at 10901 Palm Beach Boulevard and is open to the public every day of the week between 7:00 am and 8:00 pm. Manatee Park in Fort Myers is unique in that it’s a non-captive sight that’s considered a warm water refuge for manatees and the ideal viewing spot for guests hoping to get a close look at these amazing creatures. Incidentally, manatees tend to prefer cooler water temperatures, meaning temperatures below 68F. For guests, that means the optimal manatee viewing months are anywhere between December and February. Convenient paved paths throughout this park make it ideal for strolling along and getting glimpses of some of nature’s finest work.

Beyond Manatee Viewing

Once you’ve caught sight of a manatee or two, or perhaps you find yourself here when the weather makes it less likely to see one, this park provides plenty of other options for fun. Guests will enjoy a collection of pavilions throughout the park that offer up great space for an afternoon picnic. A stop by the onsite gift shop is always a treat when you’re looking for a little something to commemorate your visit, but a trip to the butterfly garden is just as inspiring. Those visitors to Manatee Park in Fort Myers who are looking to make the most of time on the water will find kayak and canoe rentals readily available upon request.

Planning a Visit to Manatee Park

Those arriving to Manatee Park with a vehicle will want to note that parking is $2 for the hour or $5 for the day depending on your timeline and plans. Group and guided tours of the park are always available upon request by contacting staff at 230-690-5030. This is also the best number to call if you’re interested in learning more about onsite educational programs that will be taking place during the time of your visit.

Nearby Attractions and Stops to Enjoy

It comes as no surprise that a day spent at Manatee Park is sure to be filled with fun, learning, and the potential for lifelong memories to be made. Whether you’re here with the one you love most or the entire family, it’s incredible to connect with wildlife in such a close way and likely to be an experience you’ll remember long after you’ve left. As an added bonus, a trip this way also keeps visitors close to a lineup of other nearby attractions that are worth checking out. When you’re excited to expand the itinerary, be to add the following while you’re here visiting.

Verandah Club

For the golf enthusiast who finds that any attraction is best followed up with time spent on the greens, Verandah Club’s proximity to Manatee Park is bound to inspire. Located at 12201 River Village Way, this golf club is open for tee times between 7:00 am and 8:00 pm daily making it a versatile destination to enjoy no matter what else is on the agenda for the morning, afternoon or evening. As scenic as it is challenging, Verandah Club features not one, but two golf courses that were meticulously designed by Bob Cupp and Jack Nicklaus for golfers to enjoy to the fullest.

Orange River Preserve

For the nature lover that’s looking to expand on their Manatee Park experience with even more fun in the great outdoors, making your way to nearby Orange River Preserve is a promising first step. Situated at 10651 Palm Beach Boulevard, Orange River Preserve is a great place to take to the trails, pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the scenery or even hop in a canoe or kayak and make the most of time on the tranquil waters. Manatees are known for showing up in this area as well so keep your eyes peeled for exciting moments of observation that await.

Indulge the Taste Buds

When time enjoying nature and wildlife or moments on the greens have left you with an appetite to attend to, this area has some fan-favorite stops that are sure to delight. Just down the road, visitors can stop in either Waffle House or Cracker Barrel Old Country Store when you’re craving everything from waffles to fried chicken and don’t feel the need to choose between either selection. These welcoming and casual stops are great for the entire family and vast menu selections are likely to speak to the needs of every person in your traveling crew.

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