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Top 5 Spots for Sightseeing in Fort Myers

Known for its sugary white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and sunny blue skies, it’s probably no surprise that there are gorgeous views nearly everywhere you look in Ft. Myers Beach. But if you’re search of a postcard perfect place to take family photos, capture special memories, or simply bask in the beauty that surrounds, some locations stand out even more than the stunning views that are already part of the Ft. Myers Beach landscape. For that breathtaking view you’ve been dreaming of, head to these top 5 spots for sightseeing in Fort Myers!

Bowditch Point Park

Comprising the entire northwestern tip of Estero Island, Bowditch Point Park is surrounded on three sides by water. A stroll around the beachfront of the park reveals panoramic views of the crystal-clear Gulf, as well as the boats that continuously make their way in and out of Matanzas Pass. While the Gulf side is calmer for swimming, the eastern side that fronts Matanzas Pass tends to be a bit quieter. Claim your spot in the sand to watch the boats go by or explore the trails that weave their way through the park.

Onboard a Luxury Boat

Admire the views of Ft. Myers Beach from a different vantage point – out on the water. As a location that’s known for its beaches and water activities, it’s nearly a given that some of the best moments of your Ft. Myers Beach vacation will be along the waterfront. Booking a boat charter allows you to see the area’s marine life from a closer vantage point, snorkel alongside tropical sea creatures, enjoy a high-quality meal onboard, and catch a magnificent sunset while out on the water. While each boat tour offers its own activities and amenities, these are some of the things you can expect when enjoying a boat excursion in Ft. Myers Beach. Watching the sunset from over the water is an especially breathtaking experience!

Parasail Over Ft. Myers Beach

Check out the lay of the land from a bird’s eye view when you parasail over Ft. Myers Beach. Whether you’re a true adventurer or this would be something completely out of your comfort zone, soaring over the picturesque white sand and turquoise waters of Ft. Myers Beach is sure to be a highlight of your stay. Paradise Parasail is a well-regarded company that offers exciting excursions led by United States Coast Guard-licensed captains. Take in miles of coastline as the wind naturally hoists you upward until you’re sailing 500 feet above the water. To take the thrill up a notch, add a gentle freefall dip that will get your toes wet or an even more thrilling freefall that will completely cool you off.

Ft. Myers Beach Pier

Ft. Myers Beach Pier is used by many as a functional pier to reel in the latest catch, but it also serves as a picturesque spot on the Fort Myers Beach scene. Jutting far out into the Gulf, this place to see in Fort Myers adds great perspective when capturing beach shots. Stroll down the length of the pier to enjoy panoramic ocean views, or simply pick a spot along the beach with the pier as your backdrop. Sunsets are particularly beautiful observed from the pier. Capture the brilliant rays as they make their last dance over the water from the end of the pier or capture the pier in the foreground with the fiery sun dipping behind. Located conveniently close to the restaurants of Times Square, it’s also popular to pick up takeout or ice cream to be enjoyed with a view at the Ft. Myers Beach Pier!

Sightseeing in Fort Myers at Lovers Key State Park

The beach at Lovers Key State Park stretches for two miles, offering plenty of room to roam and soak in some of the most gorgeous views in Ft. Myers Beach. In fact, the park was given its name due to the romantic ambiance that this magical place holds. With no condos or restaurants along the beachfront to mar the view, the undeveloped coastline of Lovers Key State Park offers spectacular beach and ocean views. A choice destination for beachside weddings in the area, you may even spot vows being made from the picture-perfect beachfront. As you explore the two-mile coastline, keep an eye out for dolphins in the crystal-clear waters and shorebirds flying overhead. Even beyond the coastline, additional worthy views await. Canals and lagoons make their way through mangrove forests, which are best explored by kayak. And on land, multi-use trails offer miles of hiking and biking options! Lovers Key State Park truly is a special destination in Ft. Myers Beach.

Soak in the natural beauty of the area when you add these top 5 spots for sightseeing in Fort Myers to your itinerary! Contact us to learn more, and book your next stay today!