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You’ve been planning your beach vacation to Fort Myers Beach for probably longer than you realized, dreaming about white sand beaches, blue waters, and the bright golden sun on days when you couldn’t remember the last time the sun shone on you. You’ve starved yourself to fit in that cute new bikini you purchased online, you brought your lunch in to work, saving your extra pennies to increase your vacation budget, and you’ve done your research, spending many hours online seeking the perfect vacation property, narrowing down thousands of choices to just one, very special, Luxury Vacation Rentals beachfront beauty. And now, as the time of your dream vacation looms ever closer, we are helping you with your vacation research with the compilation of an ultimate Fort Myers Beach guide, ensuring that every minute of your stay will be filled with fun, sun, and as many toes in the sand experiences as your soul can handle.

Nature vs Nurture

As we begin our deep dive into the beaches of Fort Myers Beach, it is important to note that many are still in recovery mode from Hurricane Ian, which made landfall in September of 2022. Fortunately, the beaches have recovered beautifully, it is the structures that lie just off the beaches that were destroyed, and the further away from 2022 we get, the more things are returning to pre-hurricane standards, showing that a lot of nurturing after a confrontation with Mother Nature can be a good thing. In any case, today’s Fort Myers Beach guide will take you to eight of the best beaches in the area.

Lynn Hall Memorial Park Beach and the Pier, 950 Estero Boulevard

Located on the north side of Fort Myers Beach’s most popular fishing pier, Lynn Hall Memorial Park Beach offers one of the most popular beaches in the area and although there will be plenty of families enjoying its sandy beaches, it still isn’t going to be so crowded that you can’t stake your claim on a section of paradise. The park offers a playground that your littles will have a blast scrambling over and although the concession facilities were destroyed in the hurricane, there are bathrooms which will be most appreciated. Fort Myers Fishing Pier, constructed in the 1930s, was damaged in the hurricane as well, but feel free to fish from the shore (with a proper fishing license) and enjoy exploring the shops and restaurants in the nearby shopping district we call Times Square (some are listed below) when not frolicking in the surf.

• Nomiki’s Plakka Greek Restaurant, 12901 McGregor Boulevard – Perhaps not the most common choice for a beach meal, but the reasonable prices, homey surroundings, and the international flavor of the traditional Greek dishes served here makes Nomiki’s one of the area’s most popular restaurants. The mural of a white house perched aside the blue waters of the sea adds charm to this family owned restaurant and their Greek specialties are authentic and delicious.

• Heavenly Biscuit, 110 Mango Street (Food Truck) – As this area works to rebuild, a few of the restaurants have returned to the area of Times Square in the form of food trucks, and Heavenly Biscuit is one such spot. Serving delicious breakfasts, it offers the perfect option for a morning meal, should you be in too much of a hurry to utilize the fully equipped kitchen of your LVR escape.

• Santini Farmers Market, Santini Plaza – This market is open on Fridays from 9 AM until 1 PM, providing a fantastic selection of local produce, art created by local artisans, and a whole lot more. Sneak away from your beach towels to explore the offerings of this wonderful farmers market and don’t be surprised if you leave with your arms laden with treasures.

Crescent Beach, 1100 Estero Boulevard

Offering four access points, Crescent Beach was the staging area for sand bags during the hurricane, but today, its golden sands and clear waters make it one of the most popular beaches of Fort Myers Beach. Whether you are walking along shore’s edge, feeling the waters curl around your ankles, are lying under a beach umbrella reveling in the warmth of the Florida sun, or are building sandcastles at shore’s edge with your kiddos, Crescent Beach is sure to become one of your favorite spots as well.

• Matanzas on the Bay, 416 Crescent Street – We don’t think you will mind that Matanzas on the Bay is currently only offering a limited menu, because everything they serve is absolutely fabulous. Shrimp Burgers, BBQ Pork Sandwiches, and a delicious selection of pizzas that will successfully meet the challenge of conquering your beach appetite.

• Shipwreck Treasures, 237 Old San Carlos Boulevard – Souvenir shopping is often important to the success of your vacation experience and Shipwreck Treasures, located just a couple of minutes away from Crescent Beach. Offering everything from tee shirts to magnets and coffee mugs to beach jewelry, if you can’t find what you are looking for at this colorful shop, take another turn around the store, you probably just missed it the first time.

Lana Kai Beach, 1400 Estero Boulevard

Not everyone is content to laze around on golden sand beaches, listening to music streaming in their ear buds and reading their favorite beach books and that’s ok. Lana Kai Beach is open for business, offering jet ski rentals for those who thrill to speed and parasailing adventures for thrill seekers who can just never get enough!

• Wind and Water Sports, 1400 Estero Boulevard – If parasailing or jet skiing sounds fun to you, Wind and Water Sports can set you up. Voted best on beach in 2023, prices range from $40 (for observers) to $95 per person (high ride), they have had 40 years of experience in keeping Fort Myers Beach visitors entertained. Also offering jet ski rentals starting at $90 for a 30 minute rental, your Crescent Beach adventures are sure to be memorable ones.

• The Beach Bar, 1668 I Street – The time-honored tradition of sipping cold beer and listening to live music is very much alive at the Beach Bar. Offering outdoor seating and the feeling of sand between your toes, the best of Florida can be experienced under the cheerful yellow umbrellas that shade you from the golden Fort Myers Beach sunshine.

Lover’s Key State Park, 8700 Estero Boulevard

As of February of 2024, Lover’s Key State Park is open for business again and for that we at Luxury Vacation Rentals are most grateful. Featuring two miles of pristine beaches, its white sands are often the site of the most stunning weddings in the region. (Hence the name, Lover’s Key) Providing boardwalk trails that lead hikers through ancient mangrove forests, a Discovery Center that serves as the gateway to the park while sharing the stories of Florida, its beaches, and the living beings that call this beautiful part of the world their home. Want some quiet time with your favorite traveler? Take a walk along the soft sands at shore’s edge, moving further away from the “crowds” (this secluded beach is rarely crowded) and closer to the natural beauty of the wildlife that inhabits the region.

• Lover’s Key Adventures, 8700 Estero Boulevard – If you aren’t getting married at sunset or don’t have your heart set on lazing around on the beach with your favorite traveling companions, Lover’s Key Adventures offers rentals and tours guaranteed to add magic to your day at the beach. Offering a variety of tours, their sunset tours take place on Friday and Saturday nights and their full moon tours, taking place during the full moon (obviously), provide serene and romantic adventures you will wish never had to end. This company is also the go to company for rentals, including kayak, canoe, stand up paddleboards, and bicycles for the adventurous. If lazing on the beach DOES sound lie a good idea to you, however, they also rent out beach chairs and beach umbrellas.

• Flippers, 767 Estero Boulevard – This open-air restaurant offers another traditional Florida experience, the taste of a fresh grouper sandwich and if you think you don’t like fish, we suggest you give this mild white fish a try anyway. Flaky and delicious, it is best enjoyed with a Lover’s Key Rum Punch while sitting out at tables overlooking the sea, two more things that Flippers provides for guests. Their entire menu is a great one and worthy of repeat visits.

Honorable Mentions

This last group of beaches have long been popular beaches, ones that we at Luxury Vacation Rentals have often enjoyed with our own families, but even as they remain in our hearts, they suffered severe damage during Hurricane Ian and have yet to make a comeback. Fort Myers Beach is a resilient town, however, and we know that even if it takes a little more effort and time, we will rebuild. As such, we have included a list of what we are calling our Honorable Mentions, beaches that are worth a drive by, a visit at sunset, or a quiet walk along shore’s edge if you happen to be in the area.

Bowditch Point Park, 50 Estero Boulevard

This beautiful park and beach is a small one, spreading out over 17 acres. Once known as a quiet place to escape the crowds of Fort Myers Beach, it offered picnic pavilions with charcoal grills, incredible views, and the perfect spot for bird watching, had you been inclined. Today, the park has not been restored, and debris still washes ashore on a semi regular basis. If you should choose to visit, maybe for a walk along the shore, be sure to wear your beach shoes to be safe.

Newton Park, 4650 Estero Boulevard

Previously owned by a local Florida man who was known for his famous and infamous friends, including Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Charles Lindbergh, the history of Newton Park makes it worth a visit, even as the entire park was destroyed and has not been restored as of this writing.

Causeway Islands, 19931 Sanibel Causeway, Sanibel Island

Still under construction and closed to use, we miss the beaches of Causeway Islands as they used to be one of the few beaches in the area that permitted dogs. Even those who didn’t have dogs would come to this quiet beach, watching the antics of happy pups, enjoying views of the Sanibel Causeway Bridge, and perhaps learning how to kiteboard.

Little Hickory Island Beach Park, 26082 Hickory Boulevard in Bonita Springs

Our last beach of the day, Little Hickory Island, is open to the public again, although there aren’t any facilities open at this time. Quiet and serene, it is the perfect spot to visit when you just want to make low key memories with your favorite traveling partner. Walking along shore’s edge as the sky turns to fire with all the colors of the setting sun will help you make those memories, ones that you will never forget.

The Beaches Outside Your Luxury Vacation Rentals Beachy Escapes

Your favorite beach may be the one that you can see from the patio of your vacation sanctuary and that’s perfectly alright with us. We work hard to give our guests the vacation experience they deserve, offering all the comforts of home, the modern conveniences travelers love, and the style and luxury that just makes life a lot easier to handle. Spend your days exploring the beaches of Fort Myers Beach, swimming, fishing, parasailing, or just relaxing, and come home every night to enjoy the quiet serenity of our escapes. And when the sky turns dark and the moon casts its ethereal glow over the land and sea, another quiet walk along shore’s edge will speak to your soul, reminding you that vacation dreams really can come true. If you haven’t already, it’s time to stop dreaming and start doing. Reserve your favorite sanctuary today!